Our story

How we started

Trailr started off as a simple idea to create the next big dating service. There was no name, but just a wish to be the next best dating service used by people world-wide. With hours of research put into other dating services/applications and what they had to offer along with what worked and what didn’t, we found ourselves asking how we can truly distinguish ourselves from every other dating service. We wanted to create a platform in which a person can truly show who they are. One major realization we came about was that there weren’t any dating services out there that were just video based.

One simple question

From there, we asked one simple question - How do we create a video-based dating service that will allow people to best represent themselves? We thought about whether to make it where users can upload a few videos to their profile, or to just have one video.

Then it hit us

The whole point of a dating service is to give someone a glimpse of who you are by answering questions that are asked during registration and displayed on your profile, or just allowing people to type in whatever they want within their bios. So when it comes to videos, we knew that the best way to promote something - Whether it be a product, service, brand, movie, artist, etc., is to make an appealing advertisement that will be shown to others within a small amount of time - Usually up to 30 seconds. So there was our answer.

The Answer

We were going to allow one video per individual between 10-30 seconds so that they could promote the one brand they are on the dating service ready to promote - Themselves. We’ve seen the days of Vine and what people can accomplish in only 7 seconds, and the current days of TikTok in which people are allowed up to a minute to post whatever they desire in order to capture an audience. So why not allow people to put their creativity to the test to be able to find themselves a potential partner and/or soulmate?

From there, the name was easy to come up with and the rest... was history!